VR Almost two years

So looking back now over the past year, I have been using VR for awhile now and I have to say I have enjoyed every moment of it, starting with the humble HTC Vive and its wand’s which wasn’t a bad experience, but after getting a newer headset the Vive Pro eye I could see the improvements in the technology, facial tracking and eye tracking are just amazing!

Starting in NeosVR was a great place to start, as I said in my previous post last year, it still has that SL/Gmod charm to it and reminds of these even today, learning my way around the platform even more and making new friends has been a great way to take my mind off the current ongoing lockdown’s and restrictions.

I have enjoyed every little project I have worked on in Neos, the heartrate meter has been a huge one for me and probably also my first major opensource project I have given to a community it fills me with a lot of pride when I see someone using one on their name tag tho without someone like Ryuvi this wouldn’t of been possible, Thank you for the idea and original code <3, Biometrics are really cool and some of the stuff I have seen people use this system for have been just crazy, one user had linked all the emissive maps on their avatar to actually pulse with heartbeat which was really cool. [GitHub]

I never really expected much to come from being on Neos in regards to actually helping the project officially, but I was invited in to join the Mentor program which made me a recognised helper of NeosVR, if people saw me in world with this badge they knew they could ask me for help with setting up avatar’s or guidance around the platform, this didn’t last too long as I was moved up to a higher position within NeosVR on the 31st January 2021.

After this I joined the moderation team of Neos, taking a major role creating the moderation tickets system, which was quite the task to setup, along with Discord bots more information on this can be found here – Steam Link – Look for the section How our moderation ticket system works

My last screenshot with me in the Blue, From the 3K followers stream

So about 5 month’s down the line June 15th 2021, I was invited to join the Neos team itself as an official team member, I will be honest here I had a very hard job holding back the tears, I was overjoyed I am still at a loss for words even to this day, its so great to be part of this amazing team of talented individuals, I just really want to thank the NeosVR Community for being the best community I have experienced since Forsaken Gaming was disbanded, don’t get me wrong CytraX is still a great community but its not as large as Forsaken Gaming was.

~Raith (@RaithSphere) / Twitter
NeosVR Programmer* & Moderator
* = No I don’t program Neos itself but external system’s like the tickets

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