A Journey into VR

Getting started

So I recently took the dive into VR, a friend of mine had recently upgraded to a Valve Index headset and his HTC Vive was sitting around collecting dust, the main problem was that he had taken the base stations to use with his Index so I had to purchase new ones at £100-£150 per unit this wasn’t cheep, when you consider you can get a full Vive kit from CEX for £350 as of writing this, but I would rather have something I know the history of.

This is my own personal experience of VR and several applications I have used along my way, this post will be expanded on as I reflect more on this.

OVR Toolkit (£ 9.29 / $ 11.99 / € 9.99)

OVR Toolkit has been a very handy little tool for me being able to check messages from discord, read twitch when I am hanging out with a streamer or just knowing my power levels of my controllers just from looking at my hand.

NeosVR (Free)

Nexulan | Community Manager

Where do I start with NeosVR, NeosVR reminds me alot of secondlife in the regard to how you build in there, you can build with primitives like in secondlife or you can make models in Blender, 3DSMax, Maya, Fusion or any other software that would allow you to export a file as DAE, FBX and all that good stuff.

Frooxius | CTO & Veer | Head of Moderation

It wasn’t too long being in NeosVR that I decided to join their patreon now I am not usually that quick to pateron to anything but NeosVR really made me want to do this, the Development team over at Solirax are really nice, I have hung out with several of the staff members possibly all of them at this point, I am yet to really have a unpleasurable experience in NeosVR

The community has been one of the best I have experienced in a long time, and that’s been extremely refreshing, I have made several decent friends in my time on Neos already, I have really only touched the surface of Neos, its something you would need to really experience yourself, the community are very good for helping out new members too!

I would advice checking it out https://neos.com/ and if you join maybe support their Patreon https://www.patreon.com/neosvr