Smart Home Stuff?

So, recently I have been toying around more and more with Smart Home stuff mostly lights, plug sockets and Google Homes

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HassIO/Home Assistant

Home Assistant has been one thing I have looked at, overall i have not been too bothered about keeping it around, its been overall a decent experience but I found it was a little too overkill for the amount of devices I actually own.

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Google Home

Google Home has been something that has been something that has been a major part of the whole smart home setup for me for awhile now since I got one free from Spotify, and overall with this system i have found it to be very handy in my day to day usage, being the owner of a Pixel device and moving over to a Pixel 2 I could say the Google ecosystem is a major part of my day, then factor in a Chromecast and a couple of AndroidTV boxes and its pretty much a no brainer to why I am using this one.

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Tuya Smart Life

So I have a couple of Teckin smart plugs around the house which are pretty cool, being able to monitor the power usage of anything that is connected to the plug socket is rather cool, I had the Teckin smart bulbs which was their version 1 which was rather lacking in the white department, it was only able to produce a cool white which was a huge downer for in the living room so i had looked at other ones using the Smart Life system which was by Avatar, these ones for the price are really good your looking at about £19.53 as of writing this ( – I would probably look at Phillips Hue in time, just the entry point to this system is way more expensive then I would like to spend

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